You Are Loved

Our Story

Mission Statement:
You Are Loved Mission brings love to the homeless, to people in correctional/rehabilitation facilities, to the youth, and to all others who read the You Are Loved message.
What Is Love?
“We have come to know and to believe in the love God has for us. God is love, and whoever remains in love remains in God and God in him.” - 1 John 4:16


God is love. Therefore, everybody that reads the “You Are Loved” message encounters the love of Christ.

What Is You Are Loved Mission?
  You Are Loved Mission is a mission that invites and leads people into recognizing identity, upholding dignity, encountering mercy, and inspiring purpose. We aim to serve all people, especially those experiencing homelessness, those in correctional facilities, and the youth, by sharing the (heart of the Gospel) message, “You Are Loved”. This not only leads people to encounter love in their own lives, but also encourages people to begin developing and living out a culture of love in the community they are in.
What Inspired This Mission?
"It all started with a vision I received in 2019. With photography I had grown a large following on Instagram, and had the idea to start a clothing line. I figured I would be able to market it well, but I was unsure what the clothing line should be. I was at a FOCUS Catholic Conference (SEEK19) , and while praying I said "God, I don't know what to do with this clothing line, I'm giving it to You. What do you want me to do?" At that moment, I had a vision. The vision was of a girl waking up with makeup smeared under her eyes, and she looked miserable. She got out of bed, walked into the bathroom, looked into the mirror, looked down at her shirt, and it said "You Are Loved". The girl smiled. As soon as the vision ended I exclaimed in my head "Woah! That's it!"  After the conference ended I went home and searched for scripture about love. I came across the verse 1 John 4:16, saying God is love, and realized the magnitude of the message He had just given me. So the clothing line began, and after a year of selling shirts, I began bringing them to the homeless at St. Vincent De Paul. The encounters I had with the guests there were very profound, and it really moved me to see how much the message touched their hearts and led to deep conversations about faith. Over time I Realized the Lord was revealing to me that this was much more than just a clothing line. He revealed that this is a ministry, a mission, to bring people into an intimate encounter with the love of Christ.  At another FOCUS Catholic Conference, SLS20, a friend told me to ask Jesus a big question in adoration. He told me to ask "Jesus, what specifically is my mission?" I did so, and I received an answer almost immediately. He said "Bring love to the homeless, bring love to people in correctional facilities, and bring love to the youth." From this point on, I began taking steps forward to build a non-profit ministry, You Are Loved Mission, to do exactly that." 
- Bobby Kenney III
What Is Happening Now?
As of March 2021, we are officially an established 501c3 non-profit corporation. Since then, over 500 “You Are Loved” shirts have been donated, 10’s of thousands of cards given out, 4 16ft murals painted in homeless shelters, 4 banners in schools, and many of the youth and adults we’ve reached continue to actively wear the shirts and give out cards themselves.


We are currently working towards growing the community and reaching more people. We are hoping to fundraise to purchase a building in downtown Dayton. This building will serve as a public coffee shop and storefront for the clothing, and will also provide space for us to have events that help build and serve the community. This will be a great place for people to encounter love in a way that reminds them of their identity, affirms their dignity, leads them to encounter mercy, and inspires them to love and live a purposeful life.

How Can I Get Involved?
There are many ways to get involved and partner with us on mission. Each one of us is called to love and to be on mission in our own unique way. You Are Loved Mission provides a means for you to answer this call to love. Below are some of the ways you can take action:
  • Partnering with us financially to help further the growth of the mission (we need over $1 million to fully fund the start of our coffee shop operation, + providence for full time missionaries, print supplies, billboards, etc)
  • Purchasing products and spreading the message (t-shirts are buy one give one)
  • Donating a t-shirt
  • Handing out cards
  • Requesting a Mural/Banner to put on display in your workplace/establishment
  • Loving your neighbor
All donations and contributions of any scale are greatly appreciated and heavily impact the growth of this mission!
Thank you for all of the love and support,
I love you all and Jesus does even more!
- Bobby Kenney III